Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Technical Tuesday
Painting with Graphite

Joseph Piccillo
Graphite on Canvas
4' x 7'

Some of you may look at a piece like this and wonder "how'd they do that?" Sometimes it takes knowing the technique, then mastering it over years like Piccillo has done here. This large canvas takes graphite and works with it in an unexpected way - by using paintbrushes and powdered graphite to layer values with extreme precision.

Here are the basics you need to execute this technique
  1. An assortment of CLEAN paintbrushes - new brushes if possible
  2. Powdered graphite or sandpaper for making your own powder
  3. A surface with tooth - canvas, paper, fabric - try it out and see what you get
So go out there and try painting with graphite. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to achieve smooth gradients and even tone.

Keep those pencils sharp and your ideas fresh!

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