Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday History
Tlingit Totem Poles
Some of the best works of art are created for cultural purposes, where the name is not always the most important thing. Often times when we hear the names "Picasso" or "Monet" we automatically associate it with important works of art.

The Tlingit people have been making works of art for centuries and are categorized in the "Northwest Coastal Art" genre or Pacific Northwest Art. Many other tribes created works of art in this region - check out the wiki page to do some investigation.  When you search for this on Google (the almighty - all powerful) you find a wide variety of works - both modern and historical. Regardless of what you find think about what you notice based on the formal qualities of a work of art. The work is figurative in nature and uses bold shapes to create forms. The use of black offers contrast and this happens often in the eyes which become a point of emphasis. Kinda makes me sound smart, but all I'm doing to looking at it in terms of elements and principles, which is what I'd like you to do once you find a work from the culture that you like.
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