Friday, February 18, 2011

Check This Out

Photograph from "The Silent Evolution" Underwater Sculpture Installation

Underwater Museum of Art
Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculptures create a unique, absorbing and expansive visual seascape. Highlighting natural ecological processes Taylor’s interventions explore the intricate relationships that exist between art and environment. His works become artificial reefs, attracting marine life, while offering the viewer privileged temporal encounters, as the shifting sand of the ocean floor, and the works change from moment to moment. (
As we continue to check out contemporary artists consider the parameters that they work within. In a world where it seems as if "it's all been done before" artists continue to push the envelope and extend the definition of visual art. Follow this link to check out more of Jason deCaires Taylor's work and share your thoughts in your books.
Happy Friday and enjoy the vaca!

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  1. I saw this a while ago I think it is awesome........ There is one that is a guy sitting at a desk it is so cool