Friday, February 11, 2011

Check This Out

"Katsuro" Sharpie on Styrofoam Cup
Far From Ordinary
Art supplies are expensive, so why not make something out of readily available (and cheap) materials? Cheeming Boey has made a career out of drawing on styrofoam cups using Sharpie markers and has amassed quite a following because of it. Below is a brief bio on Boey:

Cheeming Boey is a game designer and animator based in Newport Beach, California. He creates designs on styrofoam cup using ordinary sharpie pens.
Boey chose cups for their availability. ‘People draw on napkins, receipts, wood. I was outside a coffee shop and had the urge to sketch while people watched. I found a foam cup on top of a trash can, and it was all I had, so that was what I worked with.’
He often lapses from one art style to another. ‘ I don’t like to limit myself to a distinct drawing style. I want to be able to branch out as much as possible. I think that has worked to my advantage, because different styles appeal to different crowds,’ he explains.
Following an incredible amount of buzz on the internet and articles in American newspapers such as The Orange County Register, Boey’s cups have now been featured in galleries as well.
So check this guy out - his work is definitely interesting - it might even be "your cup of tea."
Happy Friday!

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