Friday, December 17, 2010

Check This Out

"Fading Into Luminosity"

I stumbled upon this painter today and gotta say, I LOVE her work! This is yet another example of someone dealing with a common subject and doing something different with it.  I admire the way that Ali Cavanaugh obscures her figure in subtle ways that make the viewer wonder the meaning behind the work.  Her technical skills are sharp, but there is a luminosity in the work that makes it more aesthetically interesting than pure photo-realism.  So check her out! (what are you waiting for?)


  1. I like that there's a clip in her hair and she has a twisted strap, little "imperfections" like that that are captured so beautifully are what make this so impressive to me. I like the brightness, and of course the socks on her arms. It's fun, but I also think it's serious and meaningful. Love it.

  2. the white background really works for this piece I simply adore it. The socks almost look ike sleeves at first and that is super AWESOME! I love this piece it is simply adorable