Friday, December 10, 2010

Check This Out

Red Caribou
Acrylic/ Mixed on Wood Panel
I saw this artist first in Juxtapoz magazine (a great source for should consider subscribing) and love the way that they incorporate face painting and cultural inspiration into the overall aesthetic of the work.  I'm always looking for different ways to incorporate concept into portraiture and think that Silvia Ji is doing phemonimal work in this area.  The symbolism in her work incorporates a variety of cultural contexts in a current, street-art-esque manner.  Beyond the conceptual element, Silvia Ji's work blends a controlled technical approach with balanced textural elements and alluring composition.  Check out her work by clicking on the image above or find Silvia Ji in my artists links.  

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


  1. Denner i love this, the use of color is amazing, and so vibrant. I LOVE how it is open enough to the viewer where they can make their own story behind it, it interpretation is endless.
    -Shannon Pollock

  2. This piece kinda reminds me of Christmas but with a little taste of an Indian culture. I simply adore the triangles that are works around the piece and how the use of red and orange are used.